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How Teacher Leadership Reignited my Passion for the Classroom

I spent most of my spare time in the spring of 2014 looking for a way out. I had been teaching 8th grade for 8 years, and was feeling restless. I Googled all variations of “what to do with a master’s in education outside the classroom” I could think of. My husband and I went […]

Top resources recommended by CA Teachers

What resources do your fellow teachers say are most helpful to them? Now more than ever, it’s important for teachers to listen and learn from one another. In July, over 10,000 teachers across California gathered for the third annual Better Together: California Teachers Summit to share ideas to foster inclusive classrooms, spark learning and equip all students to succeed. […]

How Apps Can Help Update Your Classroom

Since I began teaching high school mathematics in 2005, I have witnessed a huge increase in the availability of technological resources for educators. Admittedly, it can be a daunting task to keep up with the latest apps and digital learning strategies. However, every year, I have noticed more schools providing computer resources and teachers embracing […]

Student-Centered Classroom: Voice = Choice

Fifteen years of teaching students with disabilities taught me that choice is power. It doesn’t matter if the student is verbal or non-verbal, able or exceptional, choice equals voice. Whoever holds the power to choose, holds the power to change. From a behavioral standpoint, that is the precept of learning: change. With the full implementation of […]

Let’s Chat – A Twitter Chat Primer

Let’s Chat So, I thought I had this Twitter thing down. I would check in about once a week, by just scrolling through my feed. Clicking to expand on links that looked interesting. I learned about these things called “hashtags” (#). I started using #s to search for things that caught my attention, it helped […]